Everyone Can!


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Everyone Can!

An humanitary initiative.

Games and apps are only for "programmers"? 🤔

Its a wrong (and anti-democratic) myth that "only specific people can develop"; the truth is that everyone can make games and apps; visually and intuitively (through event-sheets) without knowing text programming! Even your grandma and children.

Image Source: https://gdevelop.io/

With the rising unemployment worldwide, making games/apps may be an opportunity for you to improve yours and the life of those around you.

And unlike once before, now you have the right resources so you can discover it isn't hard as it was told to you; for free! Let's make magic 🧚💝

Image Source: https://www.scirra.com (proprietary product, so you should rather use GDevelop)

"If this, do that" is easy:

info If a Bullet hits Enemy: then Bullet will spawn the Explosion img, Bullet disappears, and remove 1 point from Enemy's health.

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